Blackboard Circuit Designer

Blackboard is intended for the hobby enthusiast and should help building prototypes on so called breadboards easily.

Currently BlackBoard provides the following features:

  • Create so called breadboards (also stripe or perf boards) easily
  • Create simple and easy to read schematics
  • NGSpice integration, thus the ability to simulate the current schematic with NGSpice
  • A big library of electronic parts with more than 400 pieces and library with 500 symbols
  • integrated part and symbol editor
  • layer based editing

Here you may Download Blackboard Circuit Designer and its manual (german), just right-click the link and choose "save link as" or something similar.

BlackBoardSetup.Win32.1.1.3.exe (Windows version + 32bit JRE) (all Platforms)


Source code ist hosted on Github

BlackBoard is Open Source software and free of charge! 

Notice : Please do not post comments here concerning bugs, problems or containing questions about usage. These comments will be deleted immediately and won't be answered! Use for bugreports instead!

Another important notice: I will not give any support via e-Mail! Either it runs on your machine or you have bad luck.

5 Responses to Blackboard Circuit Designer

  1. Leigh Harrison sagt:

    Vielen Dank - ich probiere Blackboard

  2. Christian sagt:

    A very nice tool for designing your boards! Saved me a lot of work. Thx!

  3. Marijan Cimerman sagt:

    Thank you for this awesome program. Really useful and intuitive tool for making protoboards. Much faster prototyping than Altium. Cheers!

  4. Sascha sagt:

    Hammer Software ...
    Ich habe ein bisschen gebraucht bis es unter Linux lief, konnte es aber unter Mac und Windows gegentesten, jetzt läuft alles flüssig.

    Einfach zu bedienen, super Handbuch und macht genau das was es soll.

    Bitte nicht aufhören hier weiter zu entwickeln.

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